C24 Grade Treated Joists

Prices from: £12.00 inc. VAT

4×2 (45×95) £3 per meter

5×2 (45×120) £4 per meter

6×2 (45×145) £4.50 per meter

7×2 (45×170) £5.50 per meter

8×2 (44×195) £6.50 per meter

9×2(45×220) £7 per meter

8×3(72×195) £10 per meter

9×3(72×220) £11 per meter

Scottwood Timber’s C24 Grade Treated Joists are a top choice for structural applications, ensuring strength and durability in your building projects.

4×2, 5×2, 6×2, 7×2, 8×2, 9×2 available

8×3, 9×3 available


C24 refers to the high strength grading of the timber, making them stronger and more reliable compared to standard joists.

Ideal for decking, roofing or flooring, our joists have been pressure treated to resist decay and insect damage, perfectly adapted for the UK's varied weather conditions. Easy to work with, they can be cut, drilled or jointed as required, allowing for flexibility in use.

With our C24 Grade Treated Joists, you can have confidence in the reliable structure of your construction projects, without compromising on quality.

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