Loglap Cladding

Prices from: £2.00 inc. VAT

19mm – £2 per meter

T&G Pressure Treated, Kiln Dried 19mm £2 per meter


Our Loglap Cladding forms a part of our distinguished timber cladding range. This product features a curved exterior profile, resembling a log's profile, hence the name 'Loglap'. Its design ensures a robust yet smooth finish, bringing a touch of traditional charm to the outer shell of sheds, garden buildings, cabins, and many other constructions.

The specially designed profile with a larger surface area enables effective resistance against harsh weather conditions, making it an incredibly durable and reliable choice for exterior cladding. Its tongue and groove form ensures that the cladding elements fit together seamlessly, guaranteeing a continuous, watertight surface and adding ease to its installation process.

Our Loglap Cladding has been processed and pressure treated to safeguard it from moisture, rot, and insect infestations. This treatment enhances the wood's natural longevity, ensuring that it remains resilient and visually appealing through years of exposure to the UK's varied climatic conditions.

The rustic appeal of our Loglap Cladding does not compromise its versatility; it takes well to stains, varnishes, and paints. Therefore, you can effortlessly customise it to suit your preferred colour scheme or to match the existing decor of your property.

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