Marine Ply Board

Prices from: £72.00 inc. VAT

18mm x 8ft x 4ft (2440 x 1220)  – £60 + VAT

Our Marine Ply Board is the ideal solution for projects exposed to high humidity or occasional contact with water.


Specifically engineered to endure harsh environmental conditions, our Marine Ply Board is resistant to warping, twisting, and delaminating.

Each layer of wood veneer in the board is bonded under high pressure, using waterproof adhesive, resulting in a robust, water-resistant panel that maintains its integrity even when cut or drilled. Perfect for constructions in or near water bodies like boats or docks, as well as bathroom fixtures or outdoor furniture.

Our Marine Ply Board combines strength, durability, and resistance to moisture, providing you with a product that stands strong in even the most demanding conditions.

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