Roofing Batten, Roofing Lath A Grade

Prices from: £0.60 inc. VAT

Green Type A

25 x 38 – 0.50p per meter
25 x 50 – 0.65p per meter

Blue BS5534

25 x 38 – 0.60p per meter
25 x 50 – 0.75p per meter

Type A Grade Green  25×30 – 0.50p per meter

Type A Grade Green  25×50 – 0.65p per meter

BS5534 Blue  25×38 – 0.60p per meter

BS5534 Blue  25×50 – 0.70p per meter




Our A Grade Roofing Battens are manufactured from superior quality, slow-grown timber which ensures consistent straightness, strength, and durability. They serve as the first critical layer in any roofing system, providing a safe and secure structure to lay roof tiles or shingles and ensuring they remain intact for decades to come.

Each batten undergoes rigorous checks and grading procedures in line with the British Standard BS 5534. This ensures our battens are free from defects such as knots, warps, and splits, providing you with the highest quality, reliable product.

The battens are pressure treated with a high-quality preservative, enhancing their resistance to rot and insect attack. This minimises the risk of failure due to decay, making them suitable for harsh UK weather conditions and increasing their longevity.

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