Timber Gravel Boards

Prices from: £3.00 inc. VAT

4×1 3.6m £4

6×1 22×150

1.8m £3

2.4m £4

3.0m £5

3.6m £6

4.2m £7

4.8m £8

Sawn Green Treated Timber Gravel Boards

4×1 3.6m £4

6×1 1.8m £3, 2.4m £4, 3.0m £5, 3.6m £6, 4.2m £7, 4.8m £8


Timber Gravel Boards are the perfect companion to your fencing system. These boards act as a protective barrier between the ground and your fence, preventing rot and pest infestation by lifting your fence panels off the damp ground.

Manufactured from top-quality, pressure-treated timber for durability, these gravel boards are designed to increase your fencing life while improving the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Available in different lengths, our Timber Gravel Boards are easy to fit and provide a seamless look for any garden or property boundary.

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