Tongue and Groove Thermowood cladding

Prices from: £2.50 inc. VAT

1×4″ – £2.50+VAT – per meter

Ex 1×4” Tongue and Groove Secret Fix

Heat treated for durability

£2.50 per meter


Our Thermowood Cladding is produced using a high-temperature treatment process, hence the name 'Thermowood'. This distinctive process enhances the cladding's resilience, making it highly resistant to decay and the harsh weather elements of the UK.

The tongue and groove profile adds ease during installation and results in a flawless finish that seamlessly fits together, minimizing visible joins and throwing a handsome display of pronounced shadow lines. This unique design makes it an excellent choice for both horizontal and vertical cladding, adding value and stunning visuals to your construction project.

Its rich brown colour, a result of the high-temperature treatment process, adds depth to its visual appeal. Over time, this colour will gracefully age to a beautiful silvery grey bringing unbeatable character to any property.

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