V Groove Cladding

Prices from: £2.40 inc. VAT

19×110 £2 per meter


Enhance your walls with Scottwood Timber’s V Groove Cladding.

19×110 £2 per meter


This cladding design features a distinctive V groove between each board, creating a stunning shadow line effect that adds depth and visual interest to your exteriors. Precision-milled from high-quality, responsibly sourced timber, our V groove cladding is both durable and sustainable.

It's been treated to resist the UK's varying weather conditions, ensuring longevity and maintaining its attractive appearance over time. Perfect for both internal and external applications, this versatile cladding can transform the look of your property, giving it a unique architectural finish that's stylish and modern.

Transform your space with the unique design and superior quality of our V Groove Cladding.

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